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Best Plants for Homegrown Salads

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Eco-friendly habits should start from your eating habits, and this starts in your own homegrown garden! However, if you think that only fruit and vegetable garden is suitable for this purpose, you are wrong – because you can also grow salad plants! So today we are going to review best plant choices for homegrown salads.

Most Popular Salad Plants

salad plants

1. Lettuce Varieties

Well, certainly lettuce is one of the most popular salad plants, and there are a lot of different varieties of it. It is also one of the easiest types of plant to grow. The usual lettuce type is boasting its lush greenery, however there are also other varieties, which could be purple, they are called “Lolla Rossa”. Romaine lettuce is considered one of the most high quality lettuces, and this is what is used in Caeser salad, however it is not something you would find in an ordinary homegrown garden.

salad plants

There is also the Butterhead Lettuce, with lush dark green leaves, which form a rosette. It has a very mild flavor. The Head Lettuce, although quite popular in the stores it is not seen often in the gardens. Lettuces can be eaten while they are still growing. For that you can you harvest them, when the leaves are only starting to grow.

2. Mesclun Mix

salad plants

Mesclun Mix refers to a mixture of different salad plants, such as arugula, tangy red mustard, and other Asian greens. This mix is popular due to its versatile flavors. Arugula has a very spicy and nut-like taste, and it is most comfortable to grow and be stored in colder temperatures. Mustard plant is giving the Mesclun mix that certain spicy taste and purplish coloration. In general, the mixture is sold together even at the seed stage, which you can buy and grow in your home garden.

3. Spinach

salad plants

Spinach is a very popular variety of a salad plant. There are several types of the smooth leaf spinach, such as ‘Oriental Giant’, ‘Olympia’, and ‘Viroflay’. Then, there is crinkled leaf spinach. Although very textured, it has a major drawback as the sand can hide in between the folds of the leaves. All of them enjoy cold weather for growing and storing, and wilt once it gets warmer. So as you see, there are a lot of different varieties of salad plants, which you can grow in your garden and eat as a salad later!

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