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Best of Springtime Bulbs: Daffodils

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Daffodils are one of the first flowers to appear in spring, bringing the news of the upcoming warmth. Officially known as Narcissus, this plant is a type of bulbous perennials of the Amaryllis family. Formerly, these flowers were knows by the name, “affodell”, which is derived from Asphodel name. Today we are going to explore the incredible world of these spring-time bloomers in their various types.

Daffodil Variations

Its original name, Narcissus, refers to a long forgotten legend in Greek mythology of Narcissus, who became infatuated with his own beauty and died from staring at his own reflection. The place of his death is marked by daffodils ever since. Few would know, but there is actually a wide variety of daffodil types, all of them sharing their distinct beauty.

daffodil types

“Thalia” Daffodils

These are pure white daffodils, with distinct triangle-shaped blooms. It also has a very sensual scent, which by the way keeps its popularity up.

“Jack Snipe” Daffodils

This variety is an early bloomer, with little yet very bright white flowers with yellow trumpet. The quantity compensates its size, as there are lots of these little springtime wonders on one stem.

“Tete a Tete” Daffodils

daffodil types

This type is also an early bloomer, but with a golden flower variety. Also quite small, these daffodils present several blooms per stem.

“Jetfire” Daffodils

daffodil types

This variety is boasting of its yellow petals and orange trumpet. These daffodils can be quite large, being up to 14 inches tall. Unfortunately, this variety is not native to North America.

“Sentinel” Daffodil

Continuing the colorful theme, Sentinel is quite a stunner. It can be in fabulous white and tender peach hues. This one blooms in mid-spring, and grows up to 16 inches tall.

“Sorbet” Daffodil

daffodil types

The Sorbet variety is a truly unique bloom, because its cup is kind of split and looks shaggy. The cup can be in various colors, including pink and orange. Sorbet is known to be blooming in mid-spring.

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