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Best Miniature Garden Ideas

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Miniature gardens are amazing. You can plant them anywhere. Even if you don’t have any land and you’re living in an urban evnironment a miniature garden can become a great hobby and a much more interesting decoration than a potted plant.

Miniature Garden Ideas

Colorful miniature garden

Colorful modern mini garden

If you are serious about gardening a miniature garden, though small can be a great relief for ideas and passion for gardening. They too can be of different styles. You can create a Japanese style garden or even a whole fairy tale scene.

Before you start planting think about the size of your futur mini garden. Will it be spacious and multi level, or do you want it to be a mini bog garden. Do you want a Zen garden in miniature on a tray or a classic planting pot style one?

Then you will need to research the plants you would like to grow and learn how to care for them.

Design & Decor

A mini garden doesn’t have many rules. And it surely doesn’t have to be about fairies at all. It can be just a sample plan for your future outdoor design or it can be a scene from a favorite movie or cartoon. The design largely depends on your fantasy and plants you are going to grow, as well as the size of the container. If you want to do some pathways and lawns you’ll need a bigger container to fit all the plants and accessories. The latter you can find among your kid’s old toys or from enthusiasts on Etsy.

Most miniature gardens look amazing during the day, but if you want yours to also shine at night, don’t forget to add lighting to your list of mini garden accessories. Also your garden can be filled with plastic dwellers or it can be empty, that’s totally up to you. Don’t limit yourself to houses and benches only though. There are many ways to decorate your mini garden in a unique and original way. You can add animals or bridges and fountains to your scene or try a more exotic landscape.

A miniature garden is a great opportunity to create a garden of your dreams without spending much money and it’s also a great decoration for a house and outdoors alike.

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