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Beautiful Lilac Varieties

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Lilac is probably one of the most beautiful garden plants. Today there is a large amount of amazing and unusual varieties of these ornamental plants. In this article, we want to introduce you to the most famous and beautiful lilac varieties of American selection. A key place for lilac show is certainly Highland Park in Rochester, which is known for its annual festivals.

Beautiful Lilac Varieties of American Selection

President Lincoln lilac

President Lincoln lilac

A bit of history

At the end of XIX century John Dunbar became a gardener of the Highland Park. During the first years of his work, he was actively engaged in breeding new varieties. And as a result of his activities, he  planted the first instance in 1892. The variety was named President Grevy. Over the years, the number of plants was increasing. By 1903 it had dropped to 527 pieces. His varieties are divided into several groups:

Presidential varieties

President Lincoln lilac is characterized by an extraordinary sky-blue color. An important factor is the rapid growth and strong immunity. Abundant flowering is still one of the positive attributes of the class. There are also disadvantages, and the first is a bad recovery after cutting; and the second, the young shoots of flowers are hiding in foliage.

President Roosevelt lilac is a small tree that has a graceful shape of the crown, with beautiful flowers of reddish-purple color. In urban settings, it feels bad enough. But will be one of the key elements of your garden with proper care.

President Adams lilac differs by abundant flowering. This is a white terry variety, which also stands out for superb flavor.

President Monroe lilac differs by the inflorescence of unusual beauty. The flowers have dark purple hue, while the younger, which had just opened, have a soft mauve hue. So a bunch of colors amaze with its beauty.

General varieties

General Elwell lilac is a very decorative shrub with a pleasant aroma. Its large inflorescence has lilac shade.

General Sheridan lilac is a cute variety. It looks great in decorative shrub groups. It also can look great in single crop. It differs by flowering and long snow-white flowers.

Besides these varieties General John Pershing and General Grant also enjoy great popularity.

Family varieties

Adelaide Dunbar lilac is a beautiful bush with no less beautiful inflorescence. It has a bright purple-violet hue. Abundant flowering intensifies the color. Such bush will become a bright accent in your garden.

Joan Dunbar is terry white flowers with long petals. They look very elegant and graceful. The bush itself has a broad shape of the crown of medium size.

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