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Bamboo Growing Tips

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Bamboo is a universal plant, it can be used as a decoration, it can be used as a furniture material, it can be used in food! If you will learn the basic ideas about bamboo, it will be no hard task for your to grown your own bamboo!


Bamboo Basics

To speak scientifically, Bamboo is a tribe of flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae. There are a lot of different variations of the plant, but the most common characteristic is that it grows really fast. The uses of the Bamboo plant are so vast, that in glance it is hard to name them all: food industry, animal diet, medicine, construction, textiles, paper, even caligraphy! But of course not all of the types can be used for these purposes. The theme of today is general growing guidelines of bamboo, that can be adjusted to non Asian climate. Some of the species, the tropical species of bamboo are more suited to growing inside, but temperate species can still be grown with a little more work.


Actually, bamboo is a type of grass, and needs little maintanance, but once it tolerates the climate, and depending on the species, you will get a fast growing community of bamboo plants! Some of the basic ideas is to use sandy or loamy soil, and red clay in soil seems to aid the plants well, because the roots need to breath, but that generally depends on the type. However some types just don’t need any soil, just water and can be ok with that! So when acquiring a little bamboo companion, do some research and learn what types are available in your region. Then, based on your personal needs, plant the bamboo properly. Make sure that you know how to treat the bamboo so it will grow! One thing to know about bamboo, is that their roots grow horizontally, so make sure that when planting your allow them enough space for growth, depending on a species, up to 15 feet away from each other. Bamboo also needs fertilizers, but try to use some which nitrogen value is less than 10. You will need to prune the bamboo in its second year of life, in the second summer of growing! Have fun growing your own bamboo forest!


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