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Anti-Aging Herb Gardening

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With the fast pace of life in the current society we sometimes fail to notice how our bodies age, and miss the moment to change the situation. Human beings would go very far to retain their youth, even going under the knife. However there is a safer route to look younger, and it can be found in anti-aging nutrition, where the big part is taken up by plants. Plants, as anything that we consume, act upon our bodies in different ways, fueling it or sometimes making us look and feel younger. Today we are going to discover the anti-aging herbs.

Anti-Aging Herbs To Retain Youth

Anti-Aging Plants

Sage by Herb Gardener


Sage is one of the components found in the commercial youth elixirs, but why do we need to pay more if we can grow it in our own backyard? Sage is a perennial that is hardy to zones 5 to 9, which can be planted in late spring, after the last frost nights. It enjoys full sun, and once it’s mature, make sure to prune the heavier stems. Sage contains ingredients that improve memory and brain function.

Lemon Verbena

This herb enjoys heat, and can be planted from a seed. It needs 60 days to harvest. Lemon verbena is known for its rich lemon flavor, some even substitute real lemons for the herb. This herb helps to reduce the puffy eyes appearance and increases skin circulation. Lemon Verbena can also be planted for landscaping purposes.

Anti-Aging Plants

Lemon Verbena in Bloom


Rosemary, apart from being a good landscaping plant with marvelous fragrance, is also good for brain. When the herb grows it enjoys full sun, good drainage and air circulation. Rosemary contains ingredients that slow the aging of the brain and aid in brain blood circulation.

Anti-Aging Plants

Rosemary by Hortus Urbanus

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