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6 Tips for Garden Arrangement

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In order to make your garden look attractive, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. Sometimes it is enough to have good imagination, skilled hands and improvised material. We suggest you to use our tips on economical arrangement of the garden.

6 Tips of How to Save on Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance

Tip 1

Try doing the maximum amount of work independently. Ask households, relatives and friends to participate in the garden maintenance. It is such a long-standing practice to help and a bit of activity before a kebab or barbecue. Such guests will be especially useful during the initial site clearance and general seasonal cleanups.

Tip 2

Use all natural materials, which you can get for free: rocks, pebbles, sand, clay, wood, leaves, grass.

Tip 3

Use unwanted household items and waste to create decorations in the yard (eg, paths, hedges and fences “smart” beds of plastic bottles, broken glass and ceramics to create mosaics on the patio, and other recreation areas, metal cans for spectacular pots, etc.).

Tip 4

Make hedges, pergolas, flower beds, decorative French beds, gardens of herbs. Grow plants on their own, taking into account their appeal to the chosen style of landscape design. Do not forget that you can put wild plants on the site, selecting the desired material near a meadow, a lake or in the woods. Collect the seeds of annual and perennial plants in order not to buy them again and again when the season of planting starts.

Tip 5

Be sure to make zoning of the area. This method will do everything gradually after the basic part of your land for specific purposes is separated:

–          vegetable garden;

–          fruit garden;

–          beds;

–          greenhouse;

–          outbuildings;

–          an outdoor terrace;

–          BBQ;

–          gazebo;

–          lawn;

–          children’s playgrounds;

–          beach (sun deck);

–          pond;

–          fountain or stream.

Tip 6

Do not skimp on the purchase of efficient equipment, which will save time during the garden maintenance. You will need the following items:

–          mower;

–          submersible pump, garden hose and nozzles;

–          chainsaw;

–          drill;

–          walk-behind tractor (for a large area);

–          snowblower (for year-round living in suburban homes, located in natural areas with heavy snowfall), and others.

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