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6 Most Peculiar Dahlia Varieties

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Dahlias have a pretty distinctive look and are instantly recognizable. However, as almost any flower they too have peculiar atypical varieties that can puzzle even seasoned flower enthusiasts. Here are the six dahlia varieties that look quite different than their more typical relatives.

Most Peculiar Dahlias

Dahlia ‘Pink Giraffe’

Dahlia 'Pink Giraffe'

Dahlia ‘Pink Giraffe’ 

Dahlia ‘Giraffe’ and ‘Pink Giraffe’ look so unusual especially for dahlias but can be easily found in stores if you want to grow them in your garden. The summer-fall-blooming tubers prefer full sun and light shade and are hardy to zone 8-10 and should be stored indoors during cold season.

Dahlia ‘Spider Woman’

Dahlia 'Spider Woman'

With its spider leg-like petals this aptly-named dahlia comes in red magenta colors with inclusions of cream white. The tube-like petals grow into 4-6″ blooms in full sun and bloom all summer till first frost.

Dahlia ‘Honey’

Dahlia 'Honey'

Also known as anemone-flowered dahlia this truly unusual variety features pink anemone-like petals that house tube-like yellow blooms that cluster in the center of the bloom. This South America native is truly a showy addition to the garden.

Dahlia ‘Blue Bayou’

Dahlia 'Blue Bayou'

‘Blue Bayou’ looks somewhat similar to ‘Honey’ but this one features rounder petals that sit close together and come in beautiful lavender color. The heart clusters are red or dark purple. Altogether the blooms make around 10 cm in diameter and open from July to October.

Dahlia ‘Bumble Rumble’

Dahlia 'Bumble Rumble'

This one is out there with Dahlia ‘Giraffe’ in terms of peculiarity and atypical look. It’s beautiful pink boat petals have white lesser petals sitting inside the bigger ones around a large yellow eye. It blooms in June-October and makes for the ultimate showstopper bloom for the garden.

Dahlia ‘Hissy Fitz’

Dahlia 'Hissy Fitz'

Red, pink, and white dahlias are more common but this one is not just different in color. It’s tube-like petals resemble those of ‘Spider Woman’ dalia only more uniform in both shape and coloring. But in spite of its peculiar appearance this dahlia prefers full sun and blooms in summer and early fall like its more familiar relatives.

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