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6 Ideas to Save Space by Vertical Garden

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If you have a small balcony, terrace or garden, vertical garden always gives a great choice. Vertical garden allows saving space and displaying plants in a beautiful and interesting way. In addition, you can organize a home garden in accordance with your own criteria and create a beautiful combination of colors and shapes.

6 Ideas to Save Space by Using Vertical Garden

 Vertical garden in pots of different sizes

Vertical garden in pots of different sizes 

Pots of different sizes

There are many different types of vertical gardens, and this is one of the easiest ways. You need 5 terra cotta pots of different sizes and a rod that passes through their centers and keeps them stable.

Vertical garden in shutters

Another type of vertical garden is made ​​of recycled shutters. Make loops or pockets, in which your plants will be snugly accommodated. All you need to do is to come up with a design and to add a bit of creativity.

Pockets for vertical garden

This vertical garden is a completely different level. Materials needed for this project are pockets for shoes, hooks, compost, plants or seeds and a piece of wood for the base.

Indoor vertical garden

If you want to place your plants indoors, the multilevel placement will be the perfect choice. To do this project, you’ll need wood, terracotta pots, ropes and a metal ring. Cut large holes in the wooden squares to comfortably place the pots and drill holes in each corner of the squares. Then make tiers with the help of ropes.

Vertical garden on the balcony

You can make a nice vertical garden of small flower pots on the balcony. You will need a wooden pole, 4 clay pots, a rope, flowers, soil and paints.

Vertical garden using PVC pipe

Let’s finish with this interesting vertical garden. You can create vertical gardens for all types of plants and herbs. You will need a PVC pipe, soil, plants, rocks and irrigation system. Cut holes in the pipe and create a watering system. Then fill the pipe with pebbles and soil, and add plants.

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