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6 Causes of Fruit Trees Diseases

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Garden presupposes a responsibility towards the trees, as we give life to our garden. They are like family members. It is necessary to love, feed, water, protect and heal them. Trees are like people. They also can be sick. And this many reasons. Today we look at six major ones.

6 Main Causes of Fruit Trees Diseases

Diseases of fruit trees

Diseases of fruit trees

Mechanical damage

Mechanical damage is a physical violation of the integrity of the plant. Most often it includes breaking branches, bark cuts, tears of leaves. There are different causes: atmospheric phenomena, animals and human actions.

Any damage to the trunks, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits is the gates through which infection and harmful microorganisms penetrate.

Thermal damage

Thermal damage is a damage that occurs as a result of low or high temperature. Low temperatures cause damage of bark, cambium and branches. With a sharp drop in temperature in the beginning of the winter, when there is no good snow cover, even root system may suffer.

On sunny frosty days in the sun the bark warms up, causing cambium awakening and the beginning of sap flow. And at night the temperature goes down sharply, and the awakened cells die.

Sharp drop in temperature after warm days when the fruit trees are already in bloom, is causing damage to flowers, ovaries and even the young leaves.

In the southern areas during the summer months the surface of trunks, branches and leaves of fruit trees is heated during the day. And the crust is covered with burns.

Lack or excess of moisture

It is known that fruit trees consist of water for 70-80%. Therefore, water is perhaps the most important condition of the life of our garden.

Lack of water at the summer heat leads to premature aging of foliage and the whole tree, drastically reducing the productive period of its life.

But excess of soil moisture is also not useful for horticultural crops. Due to waterlogged soil, oxygen is displaced, but carbon dioxide is accumulated. As a result, the root system is suppressed and may die.


This is one of the most frequent causes of garden diseases. Parasites enter the tree or shrub through damaged and weak parts.

Pathogens slow growth and development of a tree, oppress livelihoods, inhibit the metabolism and process of formation of organic substances.

Damages caused by pests

This reason is one of the most popular. Bodies of fruit trees are a favorite food for various pests: insects, mollusks, worms, arthropods, arachnids and crustaceans. Pests damage all organs: roots, shoots, reins, leaves, flowers and fruits.

Nutrition disorders

Plants are growing steadily and fruit only if their nutrition contains all the necessary elements in the right proportions. Deficiency or excess of nutrients leads to failures in development.

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  1. Liz
    July 13, 2014 at 3:32 am

    I can’t figure out what caused the leaves on my avocado free to turn brown on the tips of the leaves. Can anyone advise me? Thank you very much!