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5 Ways To Eco-Friendly Gardening

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Climate change and environmental issues are on many people’s minds today. Some may argue that individuals themselves can’t really do anything when it comes to significantly lowering greenhouse emissions and directing production towards renewable energy but growing your own healthy and eco-friendly food or garden is a great way to not only stay healthy and have clean land to live on but also teach your kids the value of clean environment.

Eco-Friendly Gardening How-to


Being eco-friendly may be tough in our plastic age but there are so many things you can do when you have a gardening hobby.

Re-use Plastic

Recycling plastic in your own yard is pretty easy when you are winter-sowing or building your own greenhouse. Replace your plastic jugs with glass ones at home and use the old ones to create mini greenhouses for winter-sowing your flower beds.

Use Natural Pesticide

Attracting birds and bug-eating insects like ladybugs and manthis is a great strategy in battling pests. You can also use the advantages of companion planting to ward off pests. Or if all else fails, use a homemade bug spray made of dish soap and essential oils.


Compost makes a lot of sense when you’re trying to be eco-friendly. Put all of your food, garden, lawn waste in a bin somewhere in a warm location of your garden and create a rich soil mix for your next big gardening project.

Collect Rainwater

Water is precious and expensive, so replacing your garden tap water with some rainwater and melted snow might be prudent and save you a coin. Also having a smart watering system that is effecient and not wasteful to begin with is perfect.

Help Out Wildlife

Helping out animals find food and water sources in your garden is a sort of a direct meaning of being eco-friendly, I guess. So place birdbaths and feeders to attract birds and plant flowers and plants that attract friendly bugs.

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