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5 Unpretentious Bulbous Plants

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If you choose the right plants, taking into account their seasonal decorativeness and features of the site, you can make your dream, and enjoy the beauty that does not require special victims from early spring to late fall. Bulbous flowers meet spring in the garden before all. And there are many wonderful flowers that will give you no worries. Here are five of them.

5 Unpretentious Bulbous Plants for Novice Gardeners




Blooming: from August to November (depending on species).

Planting: July or August, to a depth of about 4 inches.

Height: 2-8 inches.

Growing conditions: sun or partial shade; permeable soil (for Colchicum autumnale – slightly damp soil, for other types – dry soil).

Use in the garden: along the scrub, on the lawn, in rock gardens, in flower beds; can be grown as a container plant.

Botanical tulips

Blooming: March to May (depending on species).

Planting: Autumn.

Height: 4-20 inches (depending on species).

Growing conditions: sunny areas with permeable soil nutrient; it is desirable that it was dry in summer, and moderately moist in spring, but without standing water.

Use in the garden: group planting on beds and perennial borders; appropriate in rockeries; look very well on the lawn; suitable for growing in pot.


Blooming: March to May, depending on the species and varieties; there are also species blossoming in fall.

Planting: spring crocuses are planted in fall (from August until the first frost), fall crocuses are planted in early spring; when planting, it is desirable to use special baskets.

Height: 3-8 inches

Growing conditions: in sun or partial shade (for example, under deciduous trees or shrubs) with permeable soil.

Use in the garden: ideal for rockeries, rock gardens; blooming group of crocuses look marvelous on the background of stones; successfully planted on the lawn, where they soon form a trim lawn; can be used on flower beds with perennials; suitable for growing in containers.


Blooming: April to June (depending on the species and varieties)

Planting: August-September; in early summer, after the leaves die off completely; overgrown courtines can be shared.

Height: 4-12 inches

Growing conditions: warm sunny place is preferable, but penumbra is also admissible; soil in spring can be wet (no standing water), but during the rest bulbs should be in dry soil. The plant does not tolerate mineral fertilizers, so use compost for fertilizing.

Use in the garden: they are good for planting under deciduous trees and shrubs, in rockeries and rocky gardens, lawns; look great in group plantings in flower beds, in combination with other bulbous plants.


Blooming: April to June (depending on the species and variety).

Planting: end of August – September.

Height: 12-25 inches.

Growing conditions: grow in the sun or in partial shade, with a loose, fertile, permeable soil without standing water.

Use in the garden: successfully used in the design of flowerbeds and mixborders; look good under deciduous trees; can be grown in containers; suitable for distillation and cutting.

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