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5 Unpretentious Blossoming Perennials

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In the last article, we present to you the 5 unpretentious bulbous flowers for a “lazy” garden. Today we present 5 unpretentious blossoming perennials that will blend well with other plants and decorate your garden. Perennials are great because you do not need to take care of their annual crop or growing seedlings. At the same time every year they prettier, growing and becoming more elaborate. If such a plant is undemanding to the conditions and care, then it is a real find for the inexperienced or busy gardener.

5 Unpretentious Perennials for Novice Gardeners




Blooming: from May to August.

Planting: spring (April-May) and fall (September).

Height: 10-30 inches (depending on the species and varieties)

Growing conditions: in the penumbra; aquilegia can grow in the open sun in moist soils.

Use in the garden: flower beds; undersized species can be used in shady rockeries; these plants look good on the waterfront.


Blooming: June to September (depending on the species and variety).

Planting: spring (April-May) and fall (September).

Height: 10-50 inches (depending on the species and varieties).

Growing conditions: partial shade; moist permeable soil with high organic content.

Use in the garden: group and single plantings in shade trees and sparse scrub, on the waterfront, in the flower beds; compact forms are suitable for container growing.


Blooming: April-May

Planting: April-May and August-September.

Height: 2-10 inches (groundcover).

Growing conditions: partial shade or shade – heat and direct sunlight is contraindicated to this plant; the soil is loose, fertile, without water stagnation.

Use in the garden: groundcover for shady corners of the garden.


Blooming: from May to August (depending on the species and varieties).

Planting: April-May.

Height: 4-40 inches (depending on the species and varieties).

Growing conditions: geraniums are very diverse, and you can pick up a plant for almost any conditions.

Use in the garden: all kinds of geranium grow well along the shrub plantings, in light of the penumbra; it’s a great plant flower beds; undersized species are used in borders and as a groundcover; some types are suitable for rocky gardens and rockeries.


Blooming: July to September

Planting: April-May and August-September.

Height: 25-55 inches

Growing conditions: ideal option is a moist area, located in the shade in the afternoon; loosestrife can grow even on very heavy soils; stands short-term flooding, needs good soil moisture.

Use in the garden: good for planting in low-lying, swampy areas; looks great on the banks of ponds; can be used in perennial borders and mixborders with provided sufficient moisture in the soil.

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