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5 Things To Know About Growing Figs

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Figs aren’t just tasty, the’re also a decoration for any dish and also food photography. You can grow figs outdoors as well as indoors in a container. Here are a few interesting things about growing figs you should know.

Fig Growing Facts

Figs in a bowl

Figs Can Grow in Cooler Climates

If you’re living in a cooler climate it doesn’t mean you can’t grow figs. Choosing the hardiest cultivar is important but you should also provide as much sunlight to it as possible. Growing figs in a container is more prudent as you’d want to move it indoors before the frost hits.

Brunswick is a hardy outdoors variety with large fruit.

Dwarf Fig Tree Can Grow In Container

If you don’t have space to grow a lot a dwarf fig tree would be one of the best choices. It’s beautiful, easy, and the figs are delicious. And also doesnt take that much space.


Crop Doubles In A Greenhouse

Crops can double when the figs are grown in a greenhouse. Also spring fruitlets may ripen in a greenhouse whereas they usually do not in outdoors.

Choose A Bigger Pot

Figs need space so if you’re planting in a container choose a bigger one, and space them out if you’re planting outdoors.

Fruit Don’t Rippen Off Vine

Once you pick the fruit it will stop rippening so when you do be sure it is ripe enough. The color should be rich and the skin of the fruit smooth. It should also squueeze easily under pressure.

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