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5 Features of Modern Garden

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Modern gardens, as well as design interiors for several years tend to minimalistic graphic quality, and architectural techno garden. What techniques are used by professionals to create gardens in a modern style? How do they differ from the traditional?

5 Rules for Modern Garden Creation

Modern garden design

Modern garden design


All modern gardens are incredibly compact. Today outdoor space includes several functions, such as a recreation area, like patio, pool and playground. Therefore garden itself should not take too much territory.


Modern owners of country houses and urban townhouses with gardens do not have much free time. And functionality, again, fits perfectly into the fashionable concept: modern garden – a room in the open air.


People in our age subjugate the entire planet, not to mention the plants in the garden. All plants are growing straight, “by a command, certainly, with the help of a gardener. Modern garden is like a geometry textbook. It will easily give a head start to glorified regular parks.


The main color is, of course, green. Thankfully, botanists have not yet learned to repaint the gifts of nature in neon shades. But still the main color in gardens becomes gray – the color of modernist architecture, color of revolution in culture and art. It is the color of concrete. Now it dictates the rules in backyards. It makes gardens graphical and urban.


As you might guess, a modern garden includes concrete and its derivatives. We also can not do without wood, of course. Just let it be polymeric and contemporary.

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