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5 Colorful Succulents To Plant Right Now

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Succulent plants are drought resistent, don’t require lots of sun or any other kind of care. But they can be fancy, cure or otherwise beautiful alternative to normal high maintenance plants. Therefore let’s examine few variants of them.

Blue Echeveria

Rose blue Echeveria

Rose Blue Echeveria. Use as groundcover or for a spilled pot

They can be a bit blue or very very blue, or blue and green and sometimes even with red tips. Native to Mexico and Central America they like sun and don’t like to be too wet, they also really, really don’t like cold. Echeverias can also come in beautiful pastel hues like Echeveria ‘Hime Shougetsu’.

Kalanchoe Humilis

Kalanchoe humilis

Red with green streaks or vice versa. Native to Tanzania it grows among rocks and will be certainly ideal for rock gardens. These can’t survive negligent watering and temperatures that go down to -2 C in winter.

Pachyphytum Oviferum

pachyphytum oviferum

Pachyphytum Oviferum or Moonstone, this aptly named blueish rock-looking beauty is from Mexico. It loves water throughout the year, except for winter. It also loves sun, although not too much of it. Moonstone can survive winters outside in the temperatures that go down to -7 C.

Aeonium ‘Kiwi’

Aeonium Kiwi

Green-yellow, or green-yellow and red this small Australian hybrid plant is suited for greenhouses or mild winters. It is fairly drought-resistant and as most succulents can grow among rocks.

Sempervivum ‘Sirius’


Sempervivums grow in clusters hence they are sometimes called hen and chicks plants as their main cluster is significantly bigger than smaller rosettes that surround it. If you want to go brighter Sempervivum ‘Sirius’ is the way to go. It grows in Zones 3-9 and makes for great groundcover.

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