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5 Amazing Black Iris Varieties

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Unusually colored flowers are always interesting to look at. These black irisises will definitely steal your heart and make you wish for spring summer season again. Ranging from black to deep purple these iris beauties are easy to grow and care for.

Black Iris Varieties

Hello darkenss iris

Hello Darkness

Beautiful tall bearded iris with fan-shaped flowers with velvet petals. Tolerant to many soils this beautifully dark flower can be used as an accent in your flower beds.

Dracula's kiss iris

Dracula’s kiss

Dracula’s kiss is a beautiful dark purple to black flower with a tangerine beard. It grows up to almost a meter (36 in) tall and prefers full sun to partial shade. It does not come true from seed as most of these and is propagated through division.

Black knight iris

Black knight

Black knight or Iris chrysographes is a black iris native to China and Myanmar growing in meadows and hillsides. This one has narrow petals that give it an unusual look. It loves well-drained soil, full sun to partial shade, and as Dracula’s kiss propagates by division.

Obsidian iris

Iris germanica ‘obsidian’

Obsidian has very dark petals and violet beard. This ruffled tall bearded iris is a real show-stopper as in certain lighting it turns jet black.

Black lightning iris

Black lightning

Black lightning is a bearded iris with dark to black violet petals and a violet beard. It has a slightly sweet smell and as other varieties prefers full sun to partial shade.

All of these plants are either fully or partially poisonous when ingested sobe carful as not to allow children and pets near them. There are also many more tall bearded black iris varieties but most of them are quite similar.

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