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3 Spattered Roses You’ll Want In Your Garden

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Striped rose varieties are very unusual and showy. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some have separate one-color petals while others have spots that don’t even look like stripes.

Spattered Rose Varieties to Plant in Your Garden

Rossier buisson 'Famosa'

Rosier buisson ‘Famosa’

Rosier buisson ‘Famosa’ bred by Jan Leenders in the 60’s is a beautiful white rose with bloody red streaks (perfect for a Halloween arrangement). This amazing hybrid tea rose grows up to almost a meter (35.4 in) and blooms throughout the season.

Rosa Grandiflora Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll Rosa Grandiflora

Rosa Grandiflora ‘Rock & Roll’ is a great example when a striped rose ends up having a lot of small specs instead of fully formed stripes and a few solid colored petals. The cream beauty is spattered with red streaks and tiniest dots that contrast beautifully with solid strips of color.

Purple Tiger Rose

Purple Tiger Rose

If you’re more into unconventional colors a Purple Tiger Rose cultivated in the 90’s is a great spattered variety that looks like it’s been literally spattered with darker shade of purple and stained the petals with beautiful chaotic dots.

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