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3 Snow Gardening Tips

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Snow may serve as a protective warm blanket for your perrenials but in case of some plants snow and ice may misshapen and kill them if you are not careful enough. Snow seed sowing is also a surprising possibility that allows to cut down on cost.

Winter Gardening Tips

Snow gardening tips

Frost Kills, Snow Protects

Snow never comes alone. Frost is a common thing for snowy winters so you better take care of the plants that don’t do well in frost and require some winter weather protection. So be wary of cold weather because frost might come much earlier than snow itself. But for some bulbs and perrenials it helps to keep warmth so do not hurry to remove it.

Snow Becomes a Problem with Thawing

When snow is new and fresh it is fluffy and light. But once the tempurate rises it can quickly become a problem that takes toll on evergreens and shrubs causing them to break or change shape.

So you may enjoy the view of your perfectly snow-covered garden for a couple of days and then shake it off before it started thawing off and pushing down with its weight.

Snow Sow Seeds

Use a small handmade greenhouses to sow the seeds. Bring them outdoors and wait as they freeze and thaw and later grow into seedlings, which you then can replant in your garden.

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