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3 Most Unusual Tulips To Plant For Spring

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Now is the great time to plant tulips so that when Spring came they livened up your garden with colors and shapes. And these tulips are all about unusual shapes so not typical for this flower.

3 Unusual Tulip Varieties

Cummins tulip

Cummins Tulip

Fringed tulips have truly unusual serated petals that give the flowers a frosted look. They come in a variety of colors and sizes but Cumins tulip is one of the most showy. Its mostly purple petals are frosted with a white trim with texture of crushed ice.

Double Flaming Bird

Double Flaming Bird

Double Flaming Bird is truly a showstopper with its red white coloring that bleeds onto the pale green curcled leaves and double blooms. Also known as Double Late Tulip this beauty blooms in late spring and early summer.

Ice Cream Tulip

Ice Cream

You’ll definitely going to want to eat this one cause when you look at it it so closely resemebles ice cream it’s even gotten its name from the fact. The beautiful pink flower cup with green and yellow leaf-like coloring filled with white petals make for an amazingly showy lush look and when the white blooms open up they look like an airy meringue.

Plant any of these beauties in your garden for an impressive show of color and shape or place them on your windows as a showstopping decoration.

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