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3 Ideas For Dressing Up Tall Tree Stumps

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Small tree stumps can be used in so many different ways. For instance, they can be carved out or split and used as planters or you can carve decorative statues for you garden out of them. Taller stumps can make great pedestals as they tower over bushes and smaller stumps. You can perch bird feeders or baths on them or make them into unique planters.

Dressing Up Tall Tree Stumps

Tall tree stump vertical garden

A vertical garden is one of the many things you can turn your tree stump into. Use it as a fixture for your ceramic planters and hang your perennials in glorious cluststers using hidden flower pot hangers like Hang-A-Pots.

Tree planter

You can also perch a shallow planter on top of your tall tree stump if you wish to adorn it with hanging greenery and succulents. This is a great way to add color and dimension to your garden.


Finally, if you want your tree stump to be more useful you could turn it into a small free library for your community or a mailbox for all those pesky bills and subscriptions.

It can also make a great fairy house or a statue if you decide to embellish it with a hat or some other junk to make it look like something recognizable.

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