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3 Fashionable Varieties of Silk Roses

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Assortment of roses is always surprising. Novice gardeners and experienced collectors invariably have to choose from hundreds, or even thousands of possible variations of this garden queen. One of the latest trends is a rose in pastel color, unusual features of soft color palette: attractive watercolor stains, strokes, spots and color transitions.

3 Trendy Varieties of Silk Roses

Due to silk surface, apparent delicacy, pearly gleam and inner glow effect, silk roses seem to be made of textile by hands of a craftswoman rather than fresh flowers. Today they are considered to be the most fashionable varieties. They are planted so that everyone could easily enjoy the unique texture of petals: close to recreational areas, paths and terraces. Assortment of roses in this group is very diverse in terms color palette and height.

Roses of pastel colors belong to the unique “textile” varieties. They look gentle and fragile and captivate by their petals’ surface texture.

“Biedermeier” rose by Tantau

“Biedermeier” rose by Tantau

“Biedermeier” rose by Tantau received its name in honor of the whole style of the Austrian and German art, associated with a romantic dramatization of home comfort in idealized modular compositions and abundance of details. The petite beauty with all its compactness and illusory fragility boasts its large, full-bodied cream-colored flowers, each petal of which is decorated with pink-crimson stripe: it seems as if the petal was just dipped in a jar with pink ink.

"Pepita" roses

“Pepita” roses

The Cordes collection of roses has a miniature star – a certified beauty called “Pepita”, which looks great in a mini-potted compositions and ensembles. Terry beauty with tiny flowers of ash-pink color with prominent veins seems to be made ​​of old flattened fabric. Aromatic flowers with thick, perfect petals are folded down. «Pepita» is able to surprise even the most experienced viewer.

“Shanty” roses

“Shanty” roses 

“Shanty” rose absorbed all the paints of the summer sun. I looks fresh and effective. And it seems to be made ​​of colorful fabric in the Hawaiian style: bright red combined with bright yellow reverse side of the petals. Pastel yellow and red flower in full blossom changes to a smoother transition with orange spots. The petals have more brocade or satin texture rather than silk.

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