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3 Cool Watering Hacks For Gardeners of All Levels

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Watering can seem daunting but for most plants it’s crucial for their survival and thriving. Though you can’t be blamed for wanting to simplify your life and chores a bit and here’s where these great watering hacks come in handy.

Watering Bags

Treegator watering bags

These watering bags are amazing for saving time and water. You just install them in seconds and fill up once a week. There you’re free of your watering chores for an entire week and your trees and bushes are fed and happy.

H2O Bag

H2O watering bag

Sure a garden hose may look more convenient but if it’s not an option an H2O bag can save you from carrying buckets of water back and forth between your water source and garden. Now this water bag can be carried in a wheel cart and its spout is positioned perfectly for a generous water flow. From here on, fill your buckets with as much water as you need without all the extra hassle.

Self-Watering Tower

 water tower

Now if you don’t have a garden but are an urban plant enthusiast this mini water tower for watering your plants by Fred & Friends is a great alternative to a wine bottle water dispenser (not that anything’s wrong with it). It’s just as gradually dispenses water to the plant and makes a great accent.

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