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2016 Gardening Trends On Pinterest

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A surprising number of gardening trends made it to Pinterest 100 but these three are the most eye-catchy. But they aren’t just pretty but functional as well. They don’t only save scarse space but also the precious water.

2016 Gardening Trends

Waterless gardens

Waterless Gardens

Waterless gardens are popular as ever as water becomes problematic in certain regions and overall costs a great deal to just squander and overuse on lush but thirsty gardens. With succulents gaining more and more popularity among urban gardeners it’s quite easy to create your own colorful waterless garden.

Upcycled Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks make great planters and they can also be used to build benches, fire pits, tables, and raised flower beds. They can simply be stacked and also easily spray painted adding a splash of color to your garden.

Fire escape gardens

Fire Escape Gardens

Technically you are forbidden to keep stuff on fire escape but many people are still doing a little gardening here and there. While many of the urban fire escapes boast graffitis and street artists’ signatures some blooms with perennials and even produce tomatoes and herbs. We are all for safety and would recommend urban gardeners to try and find a better alternative or at least make sure their plants do not obstuct the pathway and allow space for people to use fire escape and railing to its full extent.

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