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15 Inspiring Vertical Garden Designs

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Vertical gardens come in such a variety of designs it’s safe to say that anyone can have one depending on their backyard size, budget, and creativity. Some choose to cover their homes’ exteriors and entire walls while other go for screens, frames, planter pockets and strips.

But besides moss, succulents and some grasses you can really plant almost any greenery in your vertical garden including leafy, colorful, and even blooming plants.

Long leafy grasses beautifully hang down from the shallower frames. But if you want your plants to keep their original form you’re better to plant the ones that have shorter leaves and stems and uniform shapes. Of course, you can hang a strip of pots like in the examples below and enjoy the convenience of a traditional planter.

Vertical Garden Design Inspiration

Vertical garden

Circular vertical garden

Facade vertical potted garden

Vertical moss garden

Vertical mixed garden

Vertical garden screens

Vertical grasses

Vertical grass lawn

Vertical driftwood garden

Vertical garden circles


Vertical garden frames

vertical mosaic

vertical greenery pockets

vertical greenery shelves

Vertical green garden

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