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10 Plants Flowering in July

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There is a peak sunny and hot days in July. During this month we can see many floral annuals blooming, such as marigolds, sweet peas, nasturtium, sweet tobacco, purslane, and other flowers. The list of plants, flowering in July, is endless, but we chose 10 popular leaders.

10 Flowers That Bloom in July




Begonia is loved by gardeners and decorators, who often use it in a flower design of houses, ceremonial places in parks and streets of cities.


No other annuals give us so much joy and warmth in the summer, as popular marigolds. They bloom long before the first frost.


Verbena is a very beautiful annual, which spreads its flower “carpets” on beds, perennial borders, in rockeries. Its flowering is so exquisite that it will not leave anyone indifferent.


Luxury hydrangeas bloom in July mesmerizing beauty of large globular inflorescences, which are gradually transformed from green to stained-looking.


It is a gorgeous annual vine, which “wakes up” with the first rays of the morning sun. It is widely used in vertical gardening.

Kampsis (Tecoma)

Kampsis is a lovely climber for vertical gardening, with many modern varieties of yellow, almost red, orange. It looks especially good on fences, trellises, walls.


Lavender is good in group plantings and freely growing, blossoming, honey, medicinal curbs; double-row planting is possible; also it is suitable for covering slopes. One of the most popular ways to use lavender borders is planting them around roses.


Petunia is a luxury annual plant with a rich palette of monochrome, two-color flowers; it has fluffy varieties. Petunia is valued for the spectacular blooms lasting up to the frost.


Malva is a beautiful large plant with peduncles-candles consisting of blooming showy flowers. It is a favorite plant for decorating cottages in a rustic style.


Balloonflower is blue, wide open. Its leafless young spring shoots appearing above the ground are also blue. This bluish color will harmoniously contrast with deep green and lettuce shades of other plants.

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