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10 Most Amazing Indoor Gardens

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Indoor gardens, such as modern Biodomes and classic greenhouses, can make scenic countryside walks possible throughout a year. Such parks under the roof can be not only excellent healers from winter blues. Controlled climate allows cultivation of non-native species of plants.

10 Most Amazing Indoor Gardens in the World

Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London

Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London

Select a greenhouse with an extensive list of ecosystems, and you will be able to take a stroll through the unique natural attractions of the world, without even leaving the premises.

Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London

Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew are probably the most famous complex of greenhouses in the world. They can offer visitors an amazing variety of plant species. The highlight of the complex is considered the Princess of Wales Conservatory, which represents 10 garden climates from humid tropical to arid savanna. The exhibition also displays orchids and carnivorous plants.

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

The most impressive indoor gardens of the world are not always even in temperate climates. Gardens by the Bay in Singapore are the collection of three gardens on the reduced plot. Most of the greens are growing in the open air, but there are two broad greenhouses. Because of the warm weather year-round the indoor gardens have to be warmed up instead of cooling. Flower greenhouse covers an area of 1.2 hectares and contains species from dry and temperate climate – Mediterranean, South Africa and parts of Australia. It is the largest greenhouse in the world without columns.

United States Botanic Garden in Washington

The greenhouse in the botanical garden USA is a historical structure, founded in 1930. There is enough space for a diverse collection of plants. The greenhouse can offer desert ecosystem, an orchid garden, a tropical jungle with plants and facilities inherent in the southwestern part of the U.S. and Mexico. Visiting the garden is completely free.

Montreal Biodome and Botanical Garden in Canada

The main attraction for nature lovers in the Canadian Francophone metropolis is Biodome. It is an indoor garden and a zoo with plants and animals of North and South America. The garden includes expositions from Canadian maple forest to tropical ecosystems, crowded wild life. Biodome is one of the main attractions of Montreal, especially in winter. The nearby botanical garden can also offer equally attractive natural landscapes (but without animals).

The Eden in England

This unique collection of gardens, located in Cornwall, South England, is not just a greenhouse. These strange structures sheltered autonomous biomes with plants of tropical and Mediterranean climate. The complex also includes several outdoor gardens.

Atocha train station in Madrid

Not every indoor garden is located in special greenhouses. Atocha station in Madrid is a great example of the garden, blooming in a public place. One of the largest railway stations of the world is a transit hub with all the chaos that you would expect from such a place. It is very crowded. But the extensive garden with more than 7,000 plants belonging to 260 species, provides a tranquil atmosphere even in rush hour.

Day Butterfly Centre in Georgia, USA

Day Butterfly Centre in Callaway Gardens, United States, is an hour’s drive from Atlanta. The main local landmark is colorful butterflies fluttering freely in a glass fenced greenhouse.

Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, USA

Pittsburgh Phipps Conservatory has recently included a rainforest greenhouse. The new greenhouse uses modern ventilation, underground piping, radiant heating, and a computer system for creating shadows and fog that allows you to create tropical conditions with minimal energy. You can also get acquainted with the research center on sustainable landscapes and with a greenhouse for energy-effective production.

Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, United States

Longwood Gardens, located near Philadelphia, can boast of the status of the greatest historical greenhouses of the United States. They consist of 20 separate gardens, each of which contains 5000 different species of plants.

Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome in Tokyo

Extensive greenhouse complex in Tokyo was originally built on land cleared from landfills. It gets its power from a nearby incinerator. The complex consists of three domes and additional exhibition hall, where there are rare species of carnivorous plants. Some of the attractions include ferny forest, waterfall, tropical village, orchid gardens and ecosystem of subtropical Ogasawara Island – one of the most Japanese southerly archipelagos.

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