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Wind Chime Projects

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Wind chimes are fancy decorative accessories that not only highlight your garden’s individuality, but also bring the audial charm to the outdoors. There are many different types of wind chimes that you can buy, however, you can also make some yourself. In this post you will find various types of DIY wind chimes that you can also make with your kids.

DIY Wind Chimes

DIY Wind Chimes

Terracotta Wind Chimes By Carrie Hamblin

Terracotta Wind Chimes

One of the simplest ways of making a wind chime is from terra cotta pots, and your kids will enjoy painting all of the pots and flowers as well. For this project you will need to have pots, beads, strong string, acrylic paint for outdoors, brushes, exterior wood glue and pea gravel. One of the first steps is to make the decorative flowers from buttons and frozen pop sticks, or optionally you can buy the fake flowers, but they won’t look as cheerful as these. You need to paint the flowers in various colors and then color the terracotta pots. Next step is rather hard, you will need to create hangers for all of the pots and assemble them on a string. Don’t forget to add the beads for decorative purposes.

Tubes Wind Chimes

DIY Wind Chimes

Copper Tubes Wind Chimes By Phil Haysmer

Thin copper tubes can be turned into fancy wind chimes quite easily. For this project you will need a copper bangle, large glass or plastic beads, thin copper tubing, which can be found in hardware stores. The copper bangle is used as a ring from which the chimes hang. You will need to cut four tubes at various lengths, but they should not be longer than the beaded strands. Next step is to drill a hole in the end of each tube and assemble them on the wire. If you want you can also add some beads, as they will act as strikers against the tubing.

Kitchen Utensils Wind Chimes

Another awesome idea for creating a wind chime, is to use kitchen utensils, such as metal colander, wire whisk, rotary-mixer, old spoons. Assemble the utensils with strings; you can also add beads for more color. Make sure that the metal kitchen utensils have pleasant sound so that it won’t hurt your ears. If you have the kitchen utensils that are large enough to hold plants, you can use them as hanging planters and wind chimes, but make sure to use strong wire to hold them.

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