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Weekend Projects Under $20

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If you love your outdoors space, you most certainly look for ideas to improve this place and make it very personal. However, making your outdoors a perfect place doesn’t need to cost a fortune, because some of the projects are really easy projects you can do, that will cost you less than $20!


Outdoor Decorating On Budget

There are so many ways of making the outdoor living space you own personal retreat and while most of them are quite expensive – there are different types that can save your budget. Follow us on fun projects on decorating ideas for the outdoors. So, first of all, look around your outdoor space, what is it like? Are there are certain ways to improve it? Here is an idea for you – the drop bench!


The drop bench can be located on the porch near the door, or near the garage, well, practically anywhere you want to sit down and relax. If you add some hooks to the wall, where the drop bench would be located, this can save a lot of space! Probably the bench can be repurposed from some old wooden door, or just along, but imagine how useful it would be!


Another awesome idea that won’t cost you much is to finally mend your walkway! Seal away all these cracks and gaps. Did you know that they expand through the year? So the sooner you will start mending those cracks and gaps, the longer it will serve you. Another awesome idea is to make a rug for the deck or patio – which can be painted right on the porch! Or alternatively the rug can be made out of a drop cloth.


To enhance your garage or a garden shed, make some additional storage by installing the hooks. There you can hang the seasons items, like bikes, and summer inspired items. While you are there, look for some unused pieces of furniture that can be remodeled into something. If you are have found at least, the easiest and cheapest way to breach the new life into the piece is to paint! You see now that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, just use your creativity and stuff that is handy and the results will astonish you!

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