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Unusual Outdoors Ideas For Summer

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There are many things you could do with a small piece of land behind your house, for example, growing a garden, a vegetable patch, building a terrace, a patio, or even placing a soaking tub. And still you’ll have plenty of ideas to play with. Here are some of the unusual ideas to implement in your backyard this summer.

 Unusual Backyard Ideas

Purple garden accents

There is a distinct color scheme going on in this picture. The green background features consistent purple and white accents in the form of blooms while the seats on a circular terrace echo the purple blooms creating a really complete and stylish look.

half a canopy

This weaved half canopy is a dream-com-true. It can protect from sun and the water around it makes for a refreshing atmosphere.

willow ball

Although if you don’t have space for a canopy a willow ball can become a beautiful natural garden sculpture. Place it in a planter pot with a decorative grass and voila, curb appeal plus 10.

groundcover steps

Different  ground cover grasses have their own distinct look but besides that you can add cute and convenient steps to not only keep it looking good but also create a dynamic in your landscape.

Pergola shelves

Having a pergola is practical. Having a pergola with built-in shelves is pure genius. You can keep your favorite plants on some of them and you can also bring the dishes and other kitchenware closer to the table when throwing a garden party.

interesting planting

Planting your blooms and succulents doesn’t have to be a chore. You can make it creative by making a shape with them or angle your pots to show off the plants even more.


Having a pond may be a luxury but not often do I see pergolas covered with plants. Not only do they add to its aesthetics but they can also provide additional layer of sun protection.

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