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Tree Deck Design Ideas

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Trees are amazing. They give us oxygen, shade, and some even feed us, so it rarely a good thing to get rid of one. And if you’re lucky to have it in your backyard the things you can do with are actually more fun and useful than you might think. Aside from hanging hammocks and swings you can build a deck or a perch around it to give you this amazing outdoor retreat.

Tree Deck Ideas

Tree deck

A tree deck is a creative way to have it both, a deck and keep the tree alive. Besides you don’t have to think about awnings and you can build any custom deck you like by simply considering the location and dimension of a tree. This is a fine way to connect with the nature right there in the yard while drinking summer juice in shade and enjoying a comfy wooden seat. The tree deck can be just a small round bench that rings around the tree trunk or it can just be a deck with holes for trees to grow out of. It doesn’t matter how many trees you have either.

If you want a little more modern and sophisticated look you can build a container around a tree. Contrasting materials like stone will give it a modern touch. But even if you don’t have a tree in the first place you could leave holes in your deck and plant those later.

Deck with potted trees

Potted trees on deck are also an option if you don’t want holes in the design

A tree bench that wraps around the trunk is a great addition to any backyard or a garden. It is also a perfect solution for public spaces that could benefit from both trees and seats.

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