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Transforming Backyard Into Beach Strip

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Well, the summer is here but not all of us unfortunately have the access to the see yet. If you are longing for the beach you can try to transform an unused garden corner of your outdoor area into a splendid beach-like environment. We will help by guiding you through with this easy tutorial.

Backyard Beach Strip Ideas

Backyard Beach

Backyard Beach Tutorial

The idea is quite original and comes from Bud Stuckey, and his amazing backyard transformation ideas. Before going into the project you should get inspired from the favorite beach spot, if you have a shoreline somewhere near you, or perhaps you can just browse the pictures online. Stuckey drew his inspiration from the California coast:

I love sinking my feet in the sand, the scent of driftwood, the look of shivery grasses on wind-swept dunes.

Indeed once you visit the beach you can never forget what it feels like to walk on the sand and feel the breeze from the sea. If you think that is project will cost you a little fortune you are very wrong. Essentially what you need is some sand and the decorating details, like plants and if you want a focal point you can build a DIY firepit.

To make the feel of the ocean more real you need to have a background painted preferably in blue. This is what Stuckey did when he painted his fence in shades of blue to add a horizon line. Next step is to shape the dunes of the beach, which he has done using decomposed granite with about 3-4 inches of sand. That’s quite easy you might say, but wait there is more to it.

One of the most essential things to do is to decorate an area so it would resemble a beach strip. Take the inspiring picture and mimic it by planting the greenery that is seen there. In the case of the fake California backyard beach it can be Eulalia grass (Miscanthus sinensis) and Mexican feather grass (Nassella tenuissima) that mimic beach grasses. Martha Washington geraniums and ornamental oxalis add color to the picture. Are you inspired?

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  1. Dorine
    August 7, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    Beach themed bedding does not have to be limited to shells.

    In summary, whatever you do, don’t be a nag about anyone’s addiction to smoking.

    She might love Dora the Explorer today, but it’s not likely that she’ll want cartoons on her
    walls forever.