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This Cute Stargazing Playhouse Is Made Of Cardboard

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Sukkah Shift cubby

Sukkah Shift  is a cute stargazing playhouse designed by Virginia Melnyk and made of cardboard mailing tubes. Used for playing, hiding, or reading this multi-functional cubby is the ultimate kid’s playhouse. Specifically sized tubes arranged with the help of computer software creates an undulating effect that makes for sun-shading as well.

The playhouse is also furnished with the tube stools while the walls include little openings. The best part about the tubes is that they are low cost, versatile, and recyclable. In Sukkah Shift they are are held together with just glue and bolts and can be used to create shelves, seating, vases, and other decor and functional objects.

The issue of the weather wear isn’t discussed in the project description but we say, keep it indoors when the outdoors is wet and snowy, just to be safe.

Sukkah Shift ceiling


Sukkah Shift wall detail

Wall detail

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