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Terrarium Garden Project

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Thinking about decorating a window ledge or a mantel? If you have a dusty terrarium somewhere in the attic or cellar that you don’t want to throw away  – this post is for you. The terrarium planter is a really amazing DIY upcycling project that you can make during the spare weekend.

Terrarium Mini-Garden Project

Terrarium Garden

DIY Terrarium Garden

This project is especially suitable if you have kids, since it will be so much fun to make a pretty little garden out of the stuff you have. You can have a small fairy garden inside the terrarium, as this terrarium garden can be of any theme. There are various types of terrariums available,  with a lid and without one. The difference is rather essential, because the closed terrarium is like an enclosed eco-system, while the open terrariums are easier to maintain. For this project with an open terrarium you will need:

  • clear glass or plastic container
  • pea gravel or polished rocks
  • activated charcoal
  • sphagnum moss
  • potting soil
  • small, slow-growing plants

Now prepare the container by cleaning and drying it then start putting the first layer of soil by adding 1-2 inch layer of pebbles, then add the same amount of activated charcoal. Next step is to add same amount of sphagnum moss over the charcoal, which is needed to prevent the soil from moving between pebbles. Put 3-4 inches of soil into the container, the potting soil should be damp but not soggy. Of course the amount of soil depends on the type and size of the container.

After the soil preparation it is time to plant your greenery. The plants will need to complement the container, which will also depend on the size and shape of the terranium  The last step is to decorate the terrarium garden with whatever you think is available and suitable. In this project via HGTV the mini-garden was decorated with stones and corals.

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