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Tabletop And Mini Greenhouses For Small Garden

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A greenhouse doesn’t always have to look good but it surely can, and it doesn’t have to be that big. If you have only a few yards to spare for a greenhouse in the garden, you can create a makeshift greenhouse or a terrarium that will fit as much space as you have.

Small Greenhouse For Small Garden

Window greenhouse

Old repurposed windows are always a great way to go for a greenhouse as they are perfect for creating a light-filled warm space for your plants, which is quite easy to build.


Table terrariums have become pretty trendy lately and could be found in a ready made state in decor shops or online. They can be used as patio table centerpieces as well as for interior decor. Put them on windowsills or balcony for both decorative purposes and to give your plants more light.

Cabinet conservatory

An old repurposed glass cabinet can be a beautiful addition to your balcony, especially if you fill it up with greenery and flowers. The great thing about it is that its ready made and quite spacious.

You can also find ornate handmade mini conservatories online or from your local artisans and craftsmen. Some artists buy old windows and make beautiful terrariums and greenhouses for sale while others create them out of wrought iron and glass.

Your mini greenhouse can also be a small house extension but that would require more work. The easier way is to find a glass storage or display box if you want to get straight to gardening.

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