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Seed Germination Tray

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How often in our lives we are facing the dilemma of buying something or making things yourself, and opt for buying while emptying our wallets! If you love planting new greenery, and face the problem of planting them – you should know there is a DIY seed germination tray project that awaits you!


DIY Seed Germination Container

So, you just love your garden and can’t wait to plant another seed and wait for it to rise? How about exploring the opportunity of making a DIY seed germination container, which would allow you to spend less money while growing your plants! This project is really simple, for which you will need: a plastic container (available from any McDonalds salad container!), a sturdy tray – some use a terracotta plate, a soldering iron, some sterile seed starting mix and some seeds to plant.


First you will need to make the holes in the plastic container and the lid to let the future plants to breath in some air, however the ultimate goal is to retain some moisture. Once you have done that part, it is time to put in some sterile seed starting mix to the plastic container, however make sure that it is moist! Then, make a small holes with a chopstick in the potting mix and add the seeds, if you have any trouble with that – use tweezers. Some like to mark what they plant, however that is really necessary, unless you intend to plant a lot of seeds.


Now your germination tray is ready and you can close the lid, however don’t forget about the terracotta tray, which will help to maintain the moisture level. Place your device in some indirect sunlight, and wait. It is important to make sure that the soil is moist, and if you will include some heating under the tray it will speed up the process. Be patient and wait for the first plans to show up. So, you see if you recycle what seems to be useless – this process can become even more rewarding! Apart from recycling the McDonald salad containers, try Starbucks as their first potting containers – and gardening will become even more exciting!

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