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Repurposed Cars Outdoors

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Repurposed cars are being used as furniture and interior decor but they also make great garden flower beds and sculptures. If you happen to come by an old unused car it can become a unique feature of your garden or yard.

Pink car mini garden

Retro compact car carcassess are especially great for this kind of project. They make for pretty bright flower mini gardens and also garden sculptures. They can easily blend with a foral patch if painted or stand out with an abandoned kind if look of left rusty and unpainted.

A car can also be repurposed as a chicken coop, a swing, a bench, and even a grill. And different car parts may inspire you to create some other useful things for your garden or backyard like wheel fire pits, engine block wine racks, and more.

Making a car carcass into a mini garden though is by far the easier thing to do. Just pick out your flowers, place the car, and start planting.

Repurposed Cars And Car Parts

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