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Project Idea: Outdoor Movie Theater

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Are you a fan of those open air movie theaters? Does your location boast a nice weather from spring to mid-fall? Then you might find the idea of having an outdoor theater in your backyard up your alley. An outdoor theater really adds luxury feel to the outdoors but it also provides lots of entertainment for family and friends.

Outdoor Home Theater

Swimming pool movie theater

Swimming pool home theater

The focus of your home theater is, of course, the screen but it’s all a matter of size and budget since all screens look basically the same. The seats and general style is where your fantasy and creativity can soar. There are many options and ways to go about setting up your outdoor home theater. You can set it up in front of your swimming pool and entertain yourself and guests with a movie while enjoying your pool party. Or you can make it more intimate and set it up under a pergola and add comfortable furniture to the the picture.

Choosing between an open and closed home theater you mostly will have to consider the climate. If you live in a cold climate then it’s probably better to set a movie theater indoors. If you have a warm climate with lots of precipitation or burning sun then your home theater will still have to be located under some kind of roof. Otherwise, you can place the seats under the trees or simply use the theater in the evening.

If you want to continue watching movies late into fall, you could build a fire pit nearby to keep warm and discuss the movie afterwards.

Aside from big screen, comfortable seats will be your biggest investment in a home movie theater regardless of location. Of course, in case of outdoors you could also use piles of pillows if you have a lawn or a wooden deck. Regardless of budget your seats should be comfortable and relaxing.

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