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Preventing Outdoor Fleas

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Fleas! Those disgusting pests that ruin the lives of your pets and sometimes annoy humans. All know that fleas can live inside, but few know that they actually come from the outdoors! If you want to prevent outdoor fleas, stay with us!


Killing Fleas in the Outdoors

Fleas can make anybody’s life a disaster, so it is better to destroy them before they start to destroy your life. So, before you start off, inspect your lawn for the perfect flea hideouts, such as fallen leaves, branches and dark places. One of the greatest ideas is to put on white socks and walk in that area, this way the fleas will make themselves visible! Mown your lawn, this way you can make sure that fleas would not have a safe place to hide. If you didn’t really see the fleas it does mean that there are not in your place! Try watering your lawn with garden hose for two weeks, then inspect again, this might save your outdoors from chemical exposure.


However, if this does not work, you will have to use diatomaceous earth over the affected areas. Diatomaceous earth is a safe and effective way to kill fleas in your yard without harming your pets, because it dries out eggs, larvae and adult fleas. It’s made from the fossilized remains of plants and has razor sharp edges that slice into the insect’s skin causing it to die from dehydration. However if the problem is really serious try using a permethrin-based outdoor flea spray, and spray it once in one or two week period. One of the natural ways to prevent fleas is planting chrysanthemums in the outdoors because fleas are repelled by the flowers and will stay away.

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