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Prepare Your Home For Winter

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We’ve gathered the effective tips we can find to help you prepare your home for winter, save on your energy costs and help minimize costly damages that this frigid season can bestow upon you. Soon the beautiful colored leaves will be neat piles on the ground and that first brisk wind will blow in and before you know it old man winter will be knocking on your door. Needless to say, it is definitely not too soon to begin preparing your home.

Tips for winterizing your home

Check your stove

When was the last time you had your furnace checked? Keeping up with this at least every other year can save you a headache or two. You can find this service with almost any heating and cooling service in your local area. Cleaning the motor and filters is crucial to the performance and will greatly impact your energy savings.

Air ducts cleaning

Don’t forget the air ducts! The airways your heat passes through before reaching the vents and warming your frozen fingers are actually where you lose the majority of the heat. In fact, without inspecting and cleaning these, you may not realize you are losing up to 60% of your heat to the cracks and crevices in your home.

About home insulation

Is your home insulated? Is it really enough? The attic is a place we rarely think of, but we mustn’t let you forget to have the R-Value of the insulation checked to ensure you stay nice and cozy in the coming cold months. Additional insulation can always be added if necessary. If your home is not insulated enough, check out this article on alternative insulation ideas.

Inspect your water heater and pipes

We all enjoy that nice hot shower so be grateful to its source and insulate it. Your water heater might be filled with lava water but he still needs a jacket, plus bundling him up will help increase the efficiency of this big energy user. While you are at it, wrap up those pipes as frozen pipes will definitely hinder your ability to enjoy that nice warm shower.

Check out windows and doors

The sound of the wind whistling can be a beautiful thing, unless of course it’s sneaking in through a window or crack in your home. Find where the breeze is blowing in and block it. Whether you roll up a towel or put up plastic, it will greatly reduce some wasted energy costs and keep your nose from turning pink in the living room.

After you prepare your home for winter you’ll be able to sit by the fire and enjoy your hot chocolate with ease of mind.

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