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Outdoor Tire Swing: Do It Yourself!

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An outdoor tire swing is a great way to recycle an object that might otherwise end up in the landfill. It is large enough for even an adult to use and can be quickly made by someone with even modest do-it-yourself skills. Keep your eyes out for an old non-steel-belted tire and the fun begins.

DIY outdoor swing project

Clean the tire very well inside and out. Use anti-grease dish soap and water in a bucket with a scrub brush. Drill holes with a 1/4-inch bit in the bottom of the tire to help with rain drainage. The tire will hang vertically, so the bottom is the opposite side from where the tire will hang.

Find a sturdy branch on a hardwood tree that is as parallel with the ground as possible. The branch should be at least 8 inches in diameter, 9 to 12 feet from the ground and allow you to hang the swing at least 12 feet from the tree trunk or other branches.

Drill a hole through the tree branch with a 1/2-inch bit where you want to hang the swing. Feed the 12-inch eye bolt up from the bottom of the hole and secure at the top with a nut and washer. The eye of the bolt should hang straight down toward the ground. Use one of the quick links to attach the length of the playground chain to the eye of the bolt. The chain should be three feet shorter than the measurement from the branch to the ground.

Drill a hole through the top center of the tire – opposite the drainage holes. Insert the 4-inch eye bolt through the top of the hole and secure inside the tire with a washer and nut. Use the second quick link to attach the tire to the chain.

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