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Outdoor Japanese Sitting

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Japanese styled sitting area for the outdoors distinguishes from the other ways of sitting by the absence of the western world. Here are some simple tips in creating a perfect Japanese retreat in your outdoor living area!


Basics of Japanese Styled Sitting

If you want to include a little bit of ancient Japanese culture into your outdoor living space, making a sitting area in a covered outdoor room will work perfectly for this! However, first you should think of making that outdoor area. The decoration of sitting area will largely depend on the type of the outdoor area and its cover. If you have a porch, in a western style, it is hard to imagine it being decorated in Japanese style, however, if you have the Asian styled pergola – that is entirely different.


If you don’t have an outdoor covered space yet, you can make a Japanese Garden canopy, because it is easy to make one and only natural materials are used. You will have to find the perfect space, preferably in some natural hideout area, and start by securing the space and making the holes for posts. Then, secure the posts with cement and then make a roof. Bamboo fencing would add the atmosphere to the seating area. Once your canopy has a shape, you can start decorating the seating area in Japanese style!


Don’t choose the furniture of the western origin, as it will not make your outdoor area look like it is Asian. Instead, opt for low level furniture, or no furniture at all, just tatami matting. There is even a traditional Japanese floor cushion, which is widely used in traditional interiors. It is called Zabuton, and you can easily make one yourself. For this matter, you will need to use the sturdy fabric, preferably with some Japanese inspired prints, and Fiberfill or buckwheat kernels for stuffing. So, make your measurements and make your cuttings. It is the same cushion, but bigger and with different stuffing. Enjoy decorating your Japanese styled outdoors and you will see how your lifestyle can change!

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