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Original Frames for Flower Beds

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Miniature decorative railings and fences are the perfect setting for beds. They also can serve as the “glue” that connects the separate beds in the garden in a single chain. When making flower beds, you can use ready-made sections of fences, which are represented in a wide range in construction and gardening stores. But to give a portion of individuality the frame for beds can be made with our own hands.

How to Make Original Frames for Flower Beds

Wooden sticks for flower bed decoration

Wooden sticks for flower bed decoration

For flowerbeds decoration it is enough to have fence whose height does not exceed 15 inches. These low fences will not only emphasize the flower bed border, but also perform support, restraining backfill in multilevel flowerbed.

Wood fences are well combined with plant compositions. One of the easiest options of such fencing is arrangement of curved trunks of felled trees along the edge of flower beds. Tree trunks around flowerbeds will perform restraining barrier in “spreading” the roots of perennials and serve as unusual edging for green “island”.

Saw cut wood can form a spectacular frame to complement the flower arrangement. For these purposes it is better to use the saw cut, with a diameter of 20 inches.

Wooden chocks for flower bed decoration

Wooden chocks for flower bed decoration

Elegant and delicate edging for flower beds is easy to make of the fence. Even branches of fruit trees can be used to create a decorative frame. You can weave low fences of flexible 1-2-year-old shoots of about 1 inch thick.

Mottled wooden chocks may become unusual edging for flower beds. To create a decorative frame it is necessary to prepare sticks 20-30 inches in height. The height of block of wood should be calculated taking into account that they will be in the ground to a depth of about 7 inches.  It is better to choose sticks with about the same diameter for the flower beds decoration, so the composition would look neater.

Each log is purified from the bark and covered with antiseptic composition. This will prevent damage to the wood by harmful insects, as well as extend the life of the fence. Lower part of the log, which will be in the ground, may be further processed by waste oil. To increase the absorption of oil into the wood it should be pre-slightly warm. The logs will be less prone to rot even in wet soil thanks to this treatment. For these purposes you can also use cutting roofing material that wraps the lower part of chocks.

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