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Natural Decor Ideas

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Eco-friendly or natural decor is not simply one of the most popular and affordable options for decorating, but is also the most nature friendly, variable, psychologically comfortable and harmonious decor. One of the main advantages of natural decor is its versatility. Gifts of nature look great both in the simplest compositions and in the most fanciful ensembles.

Natural Decor: Garden Decoration with Natural Materials

Garden decorating with natural materials

Garden decorating with natural materials

Try to look at your own garden “gifts”: crop and waste that can be considered from another decorative point of view. Before disposing of any residues (dry blossoms, leaves, twigs, etc.), consider whether you can use them as decoration, giving them a second life. You do not necessarily have to hide berries, fruits, seed pods in the closets, as they are the most natural decorative accessories.

If there is nothing interesting in the garden, look around during walks in the parks or somewhere in nature’s lap. Parks, forests, meadows and fields, which we admire while walking, can give a lot of interesting motives for unusual decor that you should be able to use in the design of your garden.

The easiest way to use natural decor is to make different elements of still life compositions and mini-landscapes that attract attention by abundance of details and beauty of modular arrangements. Such a combination can have a certain topic – autumn gifts, summer grass, forest grounds, etc. And you also can mix a variety of decorative elements in colorful and original compositions.

You can place still lives and installations in old baskets, buckets, on a table, bench, sleigh, paving paths, the stairs, garden swing, gazebo railing, etc. Combine items arbitrarily. There is only one rule in the preparation of a natural garden still life: do not mix less than 3 kinds of decor and make it so that each element reveals the beauty of the others. For example, a forest landscape can be made in the basket, mixing cones, fragments of bark and roots, moss and mushrooms.

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