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Making a Green Wreath

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Wreath are an awesome decor for just about anything, yet planting a green wreath can make pretty decor for gates or front door! Stick around for DIY tutorial on making a green wreath!


Planting Succulent Wreath

Wreath can be a perfect garden decoration, especially if it is alive! If you want to try growing your own wreath, you will need:

— Wire wreath form
— Long-fiber sphagnum moss
— Potting mix
— Succulents
— Florist’s wire


Your wreath doesn’t have to be in the tradition round form, it can be even heart shaped, or in any other shape that you can find. However, consider this, if the wreath base is large it will contain more moisture, so you won’t have to water it so often. So, now you have chosen your base, next step is to soak sphagnum moss for an hour, then gently gsqueeze out the water. Put the moss around the bottom and sides of your wreath form. Then after you are done with that, put the potting mix to the wreath form, after which you can apply the succulents. In case you are wondering what succelents to put there, here are some exaples: Aeoniums, Rosary vine (Ceropegia), Crassulas, Echeverias, Euphorbias, Haworthias, Hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum), Kalanchoes, Sedums (groundcover types).


If you have trouble keeping succelents in place, tuck more moist moss between the plants. The florist wire is needed to keep everything in place, yet it is not necessary. Before attaching the wreath to the spot you plan to, let it lay a week or so, preferably in the shade. Don’t forget to take care of the wreath once it is ready, and that means trimming, watering and fertilizing if needed.

Succulent Wreath Inspiration

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