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Make Your Garden Scarecrow

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DIY Scarecrow

If you have a garden and you grow crops there, but the birds keep attacking your garden, then you must have a scarecrow to scare the birds. You do need to purchase the scarecrow to make your garden happy, you can make your own and you will be very proud after you see that the scarecrow protects the crops and decorates your garden.

Elaine Mitchell’s Scarecrows

Elaine Mitchell is a textile artist who loves scarecrows. She first began to create these quirky characters nearly ten years ago as props for a theatrical performance. After the play, Elaine displayed the scarecrows around her home. When people started to drive by for a look, she knew she was onto a winner.

Over the years, Elaine has custom-made scarecrows for every situation and has sent them across Australia. As well as the traditional, straw stuffed field scarecrow, she has made feminine scarecrows for cottage gardens, seated scarecrows, stage scarecrows and miniature scarecrows.

DIY Scarecrow

Make a Scarecrow

While Elaine specializes in complicated designs, scarecrows are easy to make and fun for children. They are a great example of recycled art. With a little imagination, wonderful personalities emerge from the miscellaneous items lying around the house, old sticks, clothes, raw fleece, ribbon, paper bows and cuttings.

You will need:

  • strong sticks, one as high as yourself and the other half as high
  • old pair of overalls
  • old hat, pair of gloves, scarf
  • old pantyhose for tying
  • old pillow case or piece of old sheet to cover the head
  • newspaper
  • masking tape and glue
  • paint for the face or buttons for a sewn on face
  • bright colored wool
  • straw, extra newspaper or plastic bags for stuffing


  • Tie the sticks firmly together with old pantyhose. The shorter stick is for the arms and is tied at right angles to the taller stick, a little way down from the top.
  • Wind newspaper around the top end of the taller stick to make the head. Use the masking tape to keep it together.
  • Cover the newspaper with a piece of old sheet or a pillowcase. Paint or sew a face onto it. Glue or sew on some wool for hair.
  • Place the long stick down one leg of the overalls and put each end of the shorter stick through the overall arms.
  • Stuff the overalls with straw until they make a firm body. Newspaper or plastic bags are good alternatives to straw.
  • Place the old hat on its head, the scarf around its neck and tie on the gloves. Put some straw in its pocket and name your scarecrow.
  • Tie the scarecrow to a stake if you want to stand it upright in the garden.

Scarecrow Appearance Is Important

The attic or closets are good sources for a suitable scarecrow wardrobe. Old shirts and jackets, forgotten jeans, discarded dresses, and bib overalls are basic scarecrow garb. Also, consider clothes that are in good condition but ugly, as if last year’s Christmas tie or old party hats. Brighter is better. Crows, black birds and starlings, for example, are sensitive to the color red.

Select a Relatively Permanent Spot

It is usually too floppy and disjointed for much moving around. Choose a strategic area in your garden, such as a blueberry patch, cherry trees or a sweet-corn patch. These spots are on the hit list for many feathered freeloaders.

Homemade Scarecrows Are Seasonal

Wind, rain and sun take their toll by whipping and fading colorful costumes, so construction often becomes an annual affair. Store scarecrow survivors in the garage or shop after the first frost. Next spring, dress your faithful servant in a spiffy new outfit to frighten another batch of garden bandits.

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