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Last Minute Halloween Outdoor Decor

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It is almost the day! Halloween is coming, and your lawn is not yet ready?! Well, don’t panic because there are always easy ways to incorporate last minute Halloween outdoor decor!


Express Halloween Ideas

There are so many ideas to decorate your front yard, but most of them require some time, yet there is some time left till the Halloween celebration. Here are some express Halloween decoration ideas.

One of the most easiest ideas is decorating with pumpkins. Even if you don’t have time for carving, placing pumpkins outdoors in certain patterns can be of great decorative value! Another cute idea concerning pumpkins is to make pumpkin topiary. For this project you will need large urn planter, preferably in dark color, a set of pumpkins (maybe even faux to make them last longer), preferably in different sizes, some decorative greenery, scissors and hot glue. You need to attach the pumpkins to each other in vertical position using hot glue. Then it is time to use all decorative items that you have: leaves, wines, feathers, anything! For the dramatic effect try going with black and white, or black and orange colors.


Decorating trees, or shrubs in your yard is one of the simplest ideas for Halloween. Sure thing that you don’t need to decorate each tree, one or two would be enough yet very dramatic, this can be even done with garlands at the simplest! Another idea is using ghost silhouettes. One of the easiest ways to make a ghost is using cheesecloth. You will need scissors, Cardboard cylinders, Tape, 22-gauge floral wire, Aluminum foil, Cheesecloth, Liquid starch. First you need to make a shape for your ghost, by cutting several 1/2-inch-deep slits into one end of a cardboard cylinder, such as paper-towel tube; you need to make sure that the tube stands upright. Almost at the top of the tube you will need to insert a wire: these would be the arms. For the head you will need a crumpled aluminum-foil ball. Then it is time for cheesecloth, which you first need to cut and saturate the strips in liquid starch and drape over mold in various directions to cover completely. However, easy way to make a ghost is to take something round, even a balloon, cover it with a white cloth and sort of hang it by the neck to the branches! Happy Halloween, folks!


Halloween Yard Decor

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