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Jazzing up your Deck

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Is your deck a bit boring and not inviting at all? Perhaps you can jazz it up by adding rugs into its decor? Well, this page is just for you, because today we walk of DIY rugs.


Making a Rug out of Drop Cloth

Have you considered using a rug dor deck decor? Rugs can be a pretty exciting thing, and there are millions of variations available for sale. However it so much fun to make things yourself. We will guide you through making your own deck rug that will certainly jazz up your deck!

The project we are talking about is making an actual rug out of a drop cloth. For this project you would need drop cloth, painter’s tape, porch and deck paint, paintbrush, floor sealer, plastic sheeting, iron,sealer, pan liner, roller, level, pencil, detail brush. A lot of stuff, isn’t it?


First you would need to roll out the plastic sheeting, which is needed to protect the deck from staining. Then you need to put the drop cloth over the plastic sheeting and to ensure it is not wrinkled iron it. Now it needs to be secured on the floor, and using a level, sketch the patterns, in this case it would just stripes.


Then start painting the drop cloth with the base color, you have chosen, which can be done with a paintbrush. Apply base coat to larger, taped-off areas of drop cloth. Make sure that the base color is dry, and apply accent colors in between the painter’s tape. Then after everything is dry remove the paint and add pan liner to paint pan, pour sealer into pan liner, then dip roller into paint. Cover entire surface of drop cloth evenly. Wait till it is dry and it is ready!

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