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Ideas for Outdoor Movie Screen

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If you are the type that really likes outdoors and enjoys spending time with friends, perhaps you have considered setting up your own movie theater? We will help you with ideas for making your own outdoor movie screen.


DIY Movie Theater

One of the simplest options to create an outdoor movie screen is to use a white wall if you have one. However if you are not that fortunate, there is an alternative of hanging a white canvas on the wall. This can be done with a help of two trees, between which you need to tie that canvas. There are also options of buying a inflatable movie screen, but you would spend a small fortune on that. However, that is quite an investment, because after that you can have night movie theater and invite everybody from your neighborhood.


Another option is to build a wooden or even PVC frame and stretch out the canvas. However if you are not good with woodwork, you better leave it to professional. The last option is a pull up screen on a stand, however, this might be a little bit tricky, as you would need to anchor the stand to protect it from the wind. Isn’t it exciting that you can have your own Outdoor Movie Theater? Spread some cushions, bring out some pop corn, invite over the friends and the perfect Friday night is on its way!

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    August 25, 2014 at 11:26 am

    I like the ideas featured here. I also like some of the items featured like the bronze garden swings and the movie screens. You don’t tell where to get those particular items or how exactly to make them. It would be nice to know these things.