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How To Make Your Backyard Dog-Friendly

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If you’re a dog person chances having your own backyard is a blessing as you can let your pup out without worrying he or she will get lost or run over by a car. And since a few feet of empty space may not be enough to make your pet interested or particulary comfortable, you can make your backyard more appealing and dog-friendly.

Set Up Foutain

Dog fountain

A small dog fountain is a great thing for summer when it’s hot and your pups want to stay cool but also play and have fun. You can build a small fountain yourself but you can also invest in some of the smart dog-activated fountains that are connected to the garden or house water outlet.

And Shower

Dog shower

Is you have a big dog washing him or her in a bathtub might not be very convenient. So when the weather’s right you could take an advantage of an outdoor shower. It lcould also be useful for quickly rinsing those paws before letting the dog go inside the house. Just be sure the weather allows it.

Potty, Pond, or Sandbox

Sandbox, potty, pond

If your dog lives in the house there is no need for a dog house but there might be a need for a potty, which you can build yourself and keep both your dog and yourself happy. If you’d rather not have a pet potty in your backyard build a sandbox where your pet can play and have fun while you’re busy. Have a kid pool filled with water in the summer to make for a nice cooling playing area for your pup.

You can also add dog toys to your backyard to make an ultimate play space for your pet where it could also stay comfortable and entertained.

Doggy bathtub

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